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Our Vision

Our Vision at ICLP Tutor is for all students worldwide to be passionate about learning, confident and successful.
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At ICLP Tutor, LLC we have a team of professional, highly qualified and specially selected dedicated tutors ready to share their knowledge with students around the Globe. We are the best of the best!
Private One to One tutoring is proven to be the fastest, most effective way to get better results. Personalized online learning can help bridge the gaps in our modern education system.
We are committed to empowering each student to help them achieve their goals. We share our passion for learning with our students and inspire them to be motivated learners.
We're confident you'll find our online tutoring style and methods outperform other tutoring services.
Our students are located in many different countries all around the world, and they all agree about thing: Our tutors help them develop the confidence necessary for long-term academic success.

Our Mission

To make every student passionate about learning.
To inspire and motivate every student to succeed.
To work together as a team with students and parents to empower every student we tutor.

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Our Values

PASSION for teaching and learning.
INTEGRITY in every interaction.
RESPECT for humanity.
EMPOWER and SUPPORT those we serve.


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Address List

  • Columbia, SC USA
  • 1 (868) 499-6513
  • iclptt@gmail.com


Our main aim is to help students love and enjoy learning. Our expert certified tutors help to ensure that goal is met.

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